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Small shrub of the Cistaceae family

Gum is an odorous resin obtained from cistus leaves. Cistus is a small shrub with pink or white ornamental flowers.

The labdanum shrub is native to the Middle East, but also to the mountains of the coastal regions of the Mediterranean.
This resin, which has a strong balsamic and amber odor, was used in ancient times to make incense.

Today, labdanum gum is used in perfumes, mainly orientals and chypresses.
Labdanum is also mixed with leather, amber or fern fragrances.
For perfume creators, it is pure joy because the results are real little gems.

Labdanum, medicinal properties

You should know that labdanum has astringent and antiseptic properties.
In case of bronchitis or rhinitis, it relieves the respiratory system.
In case of skin diseases, rosacea, wounds, acne, it provides great relief and helps with healing.
It is also used to regulate the nervous system.
Labdanum delivers a warm and intense odor.

It can also give an odor of amber, caramel or balsamic aroma.
It is widely used in essential oil and aromatherapy.
In perfumery, labdanum is often used as a base note where it provides an animal note.
Cistus labdanum is found in several olfactory families, namely chypres, orientals, aromatics and citrus.
The exceptional notes offered by labdanum evoke the orient, hookah smoke, incense and also all oriental daydreams.

The delicious blends of labdanum
Labdanum is very popular with perfume creators, who use and abuse this very particular resin.
We find cistus labdanum in oriental men's perfumes.
There it is mixed with warm, rich notes like vanilla or opulent woody notes like patchouli or sandalwood.
We think here of the perfume “Bois d’iris” by Van Cleef & Arpels, where we find vetiver and iris in the heart notes, as well as labdanum and ambergris in the base notes.

The mixture of these fragrances gives a sweet, woody and amber scent.
Cistus labdanum is also found in oriental perfumes for women.
Here, it is associated with vanilla and flowery scents, which gives the perfume warm and sensual notes.
Also present in chypre feminine perfumes, labdanum cistus is then mixed with patchouli and bergamot fragrances.
We then think of the “Miss Dior” perfume by Christian Dior, where chypre fragrances cleverly mix with jasmine or Grasse rose.
This results in an extremely feminine, bold and elegant fragrance.
In addition to its numerous medicinal properties, cistus labdanum has found its name in very great perfumes.
Creators like to use it because, mixed with other olfactory families, it gives a different scent, but always exceptional.

Labdanum is mainly present in oriental and chypre perfumes, for both men and women.
With its particular history, cistus labdanum has brought a unique touch to the world of perfumes.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: 05/25/2024
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