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An ornamental tree of the Tiliaceace family

This tree is native to Europe.

The lime tree has silver-colored leaves, which is why it is easily recognized.

Today, there are no less than 45 different species.
The harvest, which corresponds to the flowering period of the linden flowers, is very short because it only lasts 3 days.
Currently, lime blossom is mainly used as an infusion.
In perfumery, a hydrosol is collected by steam distillation of flowers.

Linden, subtle and light notes.

Delicate and light, the lime tree gives off fragrances that reflect its image.
Its notes are very subtle, they resemble honey.
The notes of lime tree embody nature, true nature in all that it offers of spring and innocence.
Discreet, lime is often used in eau de Cologne.
In fine perfumery, it is mainly positioned as a top note, or sometimes as a heart note as in the perfume “Aroma Allegoria (Soothing Aromaparfum)” by Guerlain.
Here, lime blossom is accompanied by chamomile, but also mimosa and ylang-ylang.
The vanilla and powdery notes at the end enhance the soft trail left by the lime tree...
Infinite sweetness.

Another floral perfume where lime blossom generously brings its sweetness is “Eau du ciel” by Annick Goutal.
This perfume is a melody of tender scents.

Can linden be combined with other fragrances?
Due to its softness and lightness, linden goes perfectly well with floral notes...
The rose is a tender flower that goes wonderfully with the naturalness of the lime tree.

We can nevertheless find lime in citrus compositions, as is the case for the perfume “Eau d’orange Douce” by Hermès.
Here, it is more precisely linden leaves that are used, as a heart note, where it is associated with orange and mandarin.
The base is adorned with precious wood with cedar wood, patchouli and sandalwood, which brings a chic and sensual aspect.
Sweetness and freshness, a fleeting pleasure to consume without moderation…

We can also discover linden accompanied by “woody musk” notes, as in “Extrait de Songe” by l’Artisan Partemporel.
Here, linden is positioned as a heart note, accompanied by orange blossom.
“Extrait de Songe” is a perfume that evokes a summer twilight, with all its colors.

The lime tree is a beautiful tree, large and majestic, particularly thanks to its silver leaves.
Linden is mainly used as an infusion.
In perfumery, lime offers its subtle, sweet and light notes.
It also has a fragrance reminiscent of honey.
Thanks to this sweetness, linden is mainly integrated into floral or citrus perfumes.

It is true that lime is not used much in fine perfumery.
As a result, it is difficult to find it associated with other olfactory families.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 19, 2024
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