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The “jasmine of the poets

The syringa or syringat: The “jasmine of the poets” embalms our flowery perfumes.

The seringa or syringats, is a small shrub with very fragrant flowers growing in many temperate countries, including our French regions.
If we cannot reproduce the delicate scent of orange blossom that its white flowers exude in spring, synthetic molecules have succeeded in brilliantly reproducing this very particular scent of our gardens in beautiful flowery and fresh fragrances.

the white flower that lights up the garden.

The seringa is native to China and North America, particularly Quebec where its fragrant flowers have been appreciated for centuries in parks and gardens.
However, it was the hybrid versions of the mock orange created by 19th century gardeners that brought this magical and intense fragrance to its gentle flowering.

It was natural that perfumery wanted to use this sweet scent to make floral compositions.
However, like other plants, essential oil cannot be extracted from syringa.
As a result, each major perfume house has been able to develop its own magic formula to recreate the syringat in our favorite bottles!

The note of mock orange in our floral perfumes.

The syringat note is obviously totally suited to floral and open perfumes with beautiful compositions of white, sweet, fruity and vaporous flowers.
One of the very first to have a syringa note was the pretty “Eau de Camille” by Annick Goutal which opens with top notes of honeysuckle and syringa to offer green floral notes, refined and tender, to the 'image of the designer's daughter for whom she dedicated this sweet perfume.

Then “Eau Belle” by Azzaro adds to this floral and aromatic trail of mock orange with citrus fruits which open this “beautiful water” with pep.
It then spreads over an exquisite floral note to end with a bath of gentle amber and delicately sensual warmth...
However, the fragrant and delicate note of the syringat will quickly return to the flowery perfumes of its origin, dedicating itself, almost exclusively, to pure and charming top notes or deep and intoxicating heart notes of bucolic flights. So many perfumes play with this note that is both orange and flowery to give, depending on the associations, the tenderness of sweetness or the tangy freshness of a “citrus” flower. Like “Contradiction” by Calvin Klein, “Tender Touch Women” by Burberry or even “Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea” by Guerlain.

The syringat note, thanks to its multiple facets, allows you to highlight the floral notes or even some citrus notes of its sparkle and its grace.
Very often used, it seems particularly intended for a female audience, or even initially for an audience of young women.

However, there is still a masculine perfume containing a note of mock orange, it is the citrus “Immense pour Homme” by Jean-Louis Scherrer.

Despite this exception which confirms the rule, the delicate scent of mock orange seems to flourish much better in feminine perfumes than in masculine ones.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 19, 2024
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