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In a planter, in the ground or on a balcony

Hyacinth is one of spring's favorite plants.
In this case, if it is very appreciated for its aesthetics, we must recognize that many are captivated by its irreplaceable and particularly sweet perfume.
Therefore, it is not surprising that hyacinth is regularly included in perfumes.

The spring look of the hyacinth
The hyacinth is a bulb plant announcing for many the long-awaited arrival of spring.
Easy to maintain, it delights gardeners and enhances both the interior and exterior of our homes. This bulb plant belongs to the genus Hyacinthus and the Hyacinthaceae family.
It is native to the Mediterranean and particularly Turkey, the Middle East and Central Asia. Hyacinth is characterized by its starry flowers gathered in the form of a dense and very fragrant cluster.
Featuring multiple colors, it is found in tones of pink, red, yellow, orange, white and blue.
Hyacinth is a perennial plant that delights gardens from March to May.
However, it is also possible to force its flowering in winter and enjoy its flowers indoors during the holidays.
Already present in mythology, this plant was known to the Greeks and Romans.
Likewise, we find numerous representations on Persian and Turkish miniatures.
Later, it was introduced to the Netherlands, towards the end of the 16th century.
However, it was not until the 17th century that it became one of the most fashionable ornamental plants, like the tulip.
In reality, this craze was mainly sparked by Madame de Pompadour who flooded the gardens of Versailles with it.
Today, the hyacinth is, in the language of flowers, synonymous with love and fidelity.

Hyacinth in our perfumes.

The hyacinth is a flower that is far from being mute.
Indeed, its smell is particularly persistent and it is therefore logical that it invites itself to the heart of our essences.
Its scents are obtained by extraction with volatile solvents.
However, the scent of hyacinth is more and more often artificially reconstituted by perfumers.
This has multiple odorous qualities.
Indeed, it delivers a green, floral and vegetal scent.
What's more, it is an excellent fixative and increases the hold of essences that contain it.
However, hyacinth requires excellent mastery of the art of perfumery because, when it is dosed too strongly, it can quickly become aggressive.
Generally speaking, hyacinth is more suitable for feminine perfumes.
She is thus present in Chance or Christalle by Chanel, Chamade by Guerlain, Bas de silk by Serge Lutens or Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 19, 2024
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