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the inexhaustible treasure of perfumery

Vanilla has its origins in Mexico.
Then called “Tlilxochilt”, vanilla was used to flavor cocoa, a drink made from honey, corn flour and chili pepper.
In 1516, vanilla arrived at the Spanish court under the name “vanilla”.
Vanilla is the fruit of a green orchid called “Planifolia Andrews” or even “Tahitensis”.
The vanilla tree needs a warm and humid climate, but also a hanging support.
Originally from Mexico, vanilla today comes from Madagascar and Reunion Island.

The wonderful associations of vanilla

Very often associated with spices, vanilla then reveals its warm, sensual and tasty side.
Vanilla is a fragrance that is found in many oriental perfumes, to the delight of women...
But also men!
Combined with scents of candy, liquorice or cake, vanilla is delicious.
We then think of the first perfume of “Lolita Lempicka”, which tempts us…
Here, vanilla is judiciously combined with licorice and amarena cherry, which gives the perfume a lasting enchantment.
Vanilla also goes very well with the woody family, as is the case for the “Bois vanilla” perfume by Serge Lutens.
Here, the vanilla is rich, it reminds us of velvet.
With the combination of almond paste, sandalwood and beeswax, this perfume expresses the riches of a vanished world...
With floral notes, vanilla reveals all its femininity, as proven by the “Vanilla Notes” perfume by Fragonard.
Here, vanilla is combined with ylang-ylang, rose, as well as citrus fruits.
The result is an irresistibly feminine, fresh fragrance that can be worn in all seasons.

Originally from Mexico, the vanilla orchid has conquered the world and flavors of all kinds.
The vanilla pod has long been a delight for perfume creators.
Endowed with multiple and different scents, vanilla has found its way into very great perfumes.
Associated with other scents, vanilla is in turn floral, flowery, spicy, sensual, warm, fresh, woody…

No matter which association it is part of, vanilla remains undeniably dazzling.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: 05/19/2024
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