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What is heliotrope?

Heliotropes are plants belonging to the Boraginaceae family, that is to say herbaceous plants that produce essential oils.
They are also called “Saint Fiacre Herbs”.
These latter owe their name to the fact that their leaves turn towards the sun.
In total, there are around 250 species in the world, the latter mainly inhabiting subtropical regions.
In Europe, they are located more particularly in the Mediterranean region.
However, those most commonly used in perfumery are heliotropes originating from South America.
The latter have a blue, purple or white tint and are often associated with the spring season.

Heliotrope in perfumery Heliotropine is an aromatic compound that was discovered in the second half of the 19th century.
Its scent is today extracted using the head space technique, a method developed in the 1970s and aimed at reconstituting the natural scents of a flower as they exist in nature and without damaging them.
However, it also happens that its smell is reproduced in the laboratory from other raw materials.
Heliotrope brings a floral touch to feminine or masculine perfumes, at once vanilla, suave and balsamic.
It thus gives more creaminess to perfumes that contain it and in this sense is somewhat reminiscent of lilac.
Generally speaking, heliotrope is a very odorous material.
Although some people almost recognize the scent of a madeleine with fresh butter, it does not lack character and has a peppery aspect similar to that of carnation.

If heliotrope is regularly used in current perfumes, note that it reached its peak with its presence in L'Heure Bleue, the famous perfume from the house of Guerlain.
Likewise, a Reminiscence perfume was entirely dedicated to him.
This is logically called Héliotrope and was created in 2013.
Contained in an opaque green bottle which says a lot about its aromatic facet, it nevertheless does not skimp on indulgence.
So, it would almost look more like a macaroon than heliotrope! Regardless, it at least has the merit of getting people talking about this ingredient still too little known and yet so widely used.
What's more, it is perfectly anchored in the sparkling and bewitching universe of the Réminiscence brand.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 19, 2024
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