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The somewhat offensive smell of Dihydromyrcenol

Many men admit that Dihydromyrcenol has a real euphoric effect on them.
You still need to know how to dose it perfectly…
Indeed, if it is too concentrated, Dihydromyrcenol can have a side too close to that of soap.
It then becomes over-dressed.
Dihydromyrcenol requires perfect mastery of perfumery.
On the olfactory level, Dihydromyrcenol is somewhat similar to calone, another synthetic molecule but with more iodized connotations.
Dihydromyrcenol leaves behind a cleaner and less “sea water” feeling than calone.
On the other hand, some deplore its metallic effect, leaving almost more of a sensation of taste than of smell.
If Dihydromyrcenol is not dosed sparingly, it can quickly become similar to the same sensation you get when you suck your cut finger until it bleeds…
Not very appetizing indeed!
It's all a question of assembly.
To reveal itself in its best light, Dihydromyrcenol must pass into the expert hands of a perfumer.
However, the numerous fragrances containing this ingredient have proven to us that this is largely possible.
Among the most emblematic juices containing Dihydromyrcenol, many of you have already succumbed to the smell of Ck One from Calvin Klein as well as that of Cool Water juice from Davidoff.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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