Jasmine in perfumery

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The importance of jasmine in perfumery
There are no less than 300 different species of jasmine.

However, it is jasmine grandiflorum that interests all perfumers.
The latter is very delicate, it requires exposure to the south, and does not like cold or wet winters.
Its foliage is very fine and its white flower is starry and very fragile, this is why it is collected at dawn, just before the sun appears.
Until 1930, jasmine was the main production in Grasse.
Since 1970, this jasmine has been entirely dedicated to Chanel.
Other farms then began to replant jasmine, mainly the Domaine de Manon.
Its jasmine production is entirely reserved for the house of Dior.
The cultivation of jasmine moved to Egypt then to Morocco, then to India, but the scents were no longer quite the same as those of grandiflorum.
Faced with this lack of jasmine, it's Doctor Édouard Demole from Firmenich who had the idea of retransmitting its smell synthetically, first of all with hedoine, then with paradisone.
The use of paradisone in perfumery.
Like jasmine, paradisone is used in all olfactory families.
The chemical molecule is found indifferently in masculine or feminine compositions.
Paradisone is found in woody perfumes such as “Acqua Di Gio Essenza” by Armani.
Here, paradisone is found as a heart note associated with jasmine. Another woody-aromatic which contains paradisone, it is “Pi Air” by Givenchy, but we can find
paradisone in a woody oriental as in “Mon Guerlain” by Guerlain, which here combines paradisone with jasmine.
Another oriental that contains paradisone is “Bikini Questa Sera” by Christian Louboutin. Paradisone can be combined with all other fragrances,
and it is found in many perfumes, including “Eau Océane” by Biotherm, “Ombre et Lumière” by Armani or even “CK All” by Calvin Klein.
Alternative to jasmine, paradisone is an odorous molecule.
More powerful and purer than hedoine, paradisone perfectly represents the olfactory scent of jasmine.
As such, it fits wonderfully into all olfactory families.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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