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The Mane laboratory is above all a family business.

The first French company in the perfumes and aromas industry, Mane is at the same time creator, manufacturer and producer of aromas and perfumes.
Founded in 1871, the Mane laboratory is currently managed by Jean Mane, who represents the fourth family generation.
The Mane company is recognized worldwide for the quality of its raw materials.
Orcanox is the equivalent of ambroxan, which itself replaces ambergris, since sperm whale fishing was banned.
This is why orcanox is a rare and precious raw material, which has become essential to oriental compositions.

The smell of orcanox and its olfactory association
Orcanox offers powerful tones and fits into both feminine and masculine perfumes.
Amber woods reinforce the oriental and gourmand trails, as well as the floral trails, mainly that of white flowers.
Amber woods are more reminiscent of ambergris than of an amber accord.

This is why they always leave sensual and captivating scents.
We find orcanox in very beautiful compositions, such as “Si”, the great success of Armani, where orcanox is found as a base note alongside amber and blond wood for a sensuality pushed to its peak .
We also find orcanox in mixed fragrances such as “Noir Premier, Terres Aromatiques 1905” by Lalique where orcanox is positioned as a base note alongside tonka bean and vetiver.
We can also find orcanox in masculine compositions, as in “Bentley for Men Azure” by Bentley,
a sensual and virile fragrance where orcanox is still positioned as a base note alongside tonka bean and cashmere wood.
A molecule created by the Mane laboratory, orcanox has the same qualities which replace ambergris in oriental compositions.
Orcanox offers warm, powerful and captivating tones, enveloping the fragrance in all its sensuality.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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