The bad reputation of datura

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Thanks to its toxic powers, datura is not appreciated

and a bad reputation really sticks to the skin of the datura.
Despite this, datura has earned its place of choice in the world of perfumery.
With tones that are both fresh and powerful, datura delights the nose.
Its scent is deliciously exhilarating, sometimes even heady.
Datura flowers make you dream, which is why they have been nicknamed “the trumpets of angels”.
After much study and controversy, datura is currently sold as an ornamental plant, and continues to attract perfumers.
Datura and its olfactory association.
Datura is one of the great fragrances.
When we think of datura, we immediately think of the perfume created by Serge Lutens “Datura Noir”. Here, the composition is built around datura.
In order to evoke this flower, the famous perfumer imagined an opulent nectar with narcotic scents.
Within this composition, the datura flower is both imposing and impertinent, but offers a rich and unique essence.
We will find the datura flower in many floral perfumes such as “Love Fills, l'Air du Temps” by Nina Ricci.
Here, datura offers all its splendor as a top note.
Also present in “Poème” by Lancôme, an orange-floral-tuberose, datura is positioned as a heart note alongside orange blossom, mimosa, daffodil and rose.
We can also find datura in woody or chypre fragrances, such as in “Ricci Ricci Reflets Mystérieux” by Nina Ricci or in another floral chypre
like “Mon Paris” by Yves Saint Laurent, where datura is found in the heart note, within peony and jasmine.
Finally, we will naturally discover the data flower at the heart of oriental perfumes like in “Black XS the Aphrodisiac for Her” by Paco Rabanne”.
Here, the datura flower is in the heart note alongside rose and peach.
Even if datura is considered a “bad plant” because it is toxic, it has brought joy to many perfumers.
Its scents are both sweet and strong and both and datura are at the heart of very beautiful fragrances.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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