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Essential element with Fougères notes.

Coumarin offers complex but persistent fragrances.

The smell of coumarin resembles that of freshly cut hay, dry straw or blond tobacco.
Coumarin also offers almond and vanilla accords.
Either way, the olfactory sensation remains soft and powdery.

Coumarin is the essential element of fougère notes.
It also constitutes the base note of many oriental and woody perfumes.
It must also be said that coumarin is an excellent fixative.
The first perfume made from synthesized coumarin essence was “Fougère Royale” by Houbigant created in 1882.
Today, it appears that coumarin is present in 90% of perfumes, including 60% with a content of more than 1%...

Fragrances that go well with coumarin

Coumarin is therefore an exceptional ingredient that perfume creators love.
Thanks to its “good character”, coumarin can be associated with all olfactory families.
Coumarin is part of many great perfumes for men such as “Fleur du Mâle” by Jean-Paul Gaultier, where coumarin is the only base note, “La Nuit de l’homme” by Yves Saint-Laurent, “Lacoste pour Homme” from Lacoste…

Coumarin goes very well with herbs of Provence, bergamot, lemon or even mint which reinforce the smells of green herbs and recall the scent of the maquis on a beautiful summer day.
Coumarin also goes particularly well with vanilla and benzoin.
These 2 materials reinforce the smell of vanilla that coumarin already has, and give these perfumes a very sweet roundness.
Guerlain's iconic “Jicky” perfume combines coumarin and vanilla as a base note.

In heart notes, we discover geranium, iris and rose.
“Jicky” which is a tribute in memory of love for a young woman,
offers dazzling but gentle fragrances, a very avant-garde perfume for its time.

Coumarin, a natural organic substance, constitutes the base note of woody and oriental fragrances; coumarin is also the essential note of fougère accords.
it is capable of enhancing many fragrances, it is also an excellent fixative.

For all this, coumarin goes perfectly well with other olfactory families.
Present in 90% of perfumes, coumarin is an inexhaustible palette of scents for perfume creators.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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