Sandalwood from Haiti

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Or amyris: a tree with a thousand virtues!

Amyris, a beautiful tree typical of Haiti, is part of the citrus botanical family.
And yet its bark or its wood have absolutely nothing to do with the citrusy smell of a lemon or orange tree, quite the contrary!
The scent of amyris is much closer to sandalwood, hence its name Haitian sandalwood, adding the advantage of being perhaps more refined while still being
as effective in its wake as its venerable cousin so well known to perfumers.
On the other hand, before becoming a raw material in perfumery, amyris is best known to Haitians for its exceptional ability to be a natural incense that ignites
of nothing directly from a branch, which earned it the nickname “candle wood”. Its essential oil is used both for its medicinal and olfactory virtues.
Notes of amyris or Haitian sandalwood in woody perfumes.
Notes of amyris or Haitian sandalwood are, quite logically, present in rather recent woody masculine perfumes, in general of course.
Thus, amyris is used as a base note very often associated with strong fragrances such as cypress, oakmoss, oud wood, sandalwood, patchouli…
Depending on the notes that accompany it, amyris will be deep while magnifying chypress, amber, woody scents or sometimes even all three!
“Amyris Homme” by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, created in 2012, offers in its essence a tribute to this beautiful, fragrant and too often overlooked tree that is the amyris
thanks to the association of this precious essence with floral notes of white musk or even coffee or cocoa.
Moreover, the feminine version, something rare for this note, also offers deep and musky scents perhaps slightly more powdery...
Thanks to Lancôme and “L’Autre Oud”, the amyris note offers new facets, more oriental this time, to those who want to stand out from the eternal oud wood,
very present in the compositions of the moment, offering them a leather-spice-wood cocktail of incomparable depth and exoticism.
Amyris would therefore be an essence of wood which, in a clear way, inspires noses and creators to develop new fragrances in order to escape the usual scented trails of this decade.
Often mixed, sometimes even feminine, amyris becomes floral for “Amyris Femme” or even more surprising, combined with fruity florals such as “Play for her” by Givenchy…
It seems that amyris still has beautiful associations that are as surprising as they are exotic to offer us!

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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