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Previously, it was enough to go to the pharmacy to buy 90° alcohol.

Today, the situation has changed, especially if you plan to concoct your own flagrance.
You will have to find alcohol for a suitable perfume.
What links perfume and alcohol?
Where then to get it?
What to do to create your own bottle?
Find the answers to these questions in this article!
The essentials to know about perfume and alcohol
Good addresses for alcoholic perfumes
The main steps to making your own perfume
Manufacturers know it well: alcohol is an essential ingredient in all perfumes.
However, the reason for this recipe remains unknown to the general public.v To put it simply, the role of alcohol is to distill the perfume, more precisely the concentrate of essential oils.
Here again, it is important to emphasize that it is ethyl alcohol. This compound is illustrated by its properties: denatured, neutral and odorless.
Which explains why you should forget the idea of opting for vodka or whiskey to create your perfume.
Aside from the role of solvent, alcohol modifies or even improves the freshness of perfume extracts.
During application, the alcohol evaporates thanks to its volatility and the ambient perfume settles on the epidermis.
In addition, the addition of ethyl alcohol helps prolong the preservation of the perfume.
Obviously, it will also be necessary to take into account some recommendations, namely:
close the bottle correctly, store it away from heat and light.
As in all other sectors, specialists exist in the manufacture and sale of alcohol for perfume.
You will therefore have to refine your search carefully in order to avoid alcohols as drinks and those for medical uses.
Specialized stores should therefore be preferred in order to obtain products suitable for your creative project.
You just need to carefully consult the technical sheet so as not to miss any detail.
It is possible to find types of modified and denatured alcohol on famous merchant sites.
However, remember to check the notoriety of a brand and pay close attention to the manufacturing processes as well as the composition of the alcohol.
Do you want to create your own flagrance?
So, know that you especially need essential oils of your preference and ethyl alcohol.
For utensils, you will need a bottle for storage, a graduated cylinder for dosing and a container for mixing.
The alcohol level modifies the use of perfume, namely: eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, room perfume, and many others. Furthermore, the top, heart and base notes are worth mentioning before concocting your own perfume.
The top note represents the scent smelled in the foreground.
It is frequently composed of 2 to 3 very volatile essential oils.
Consequently, they guarantee the dynamism and freshness of your creation.
Concerning the heart note, it is located between the other two, having the role of harmonization.
It can contain the same composition as that of the head, but with a higher lightness or vice versa.
The base note thus constitutes the most powerful perfume extracts in the bottle.
Slower to dissipate, this at the same time ensures the longevity of your flagrance. As for the dosages themselves, here is an example on which you can base yourself:
30 ml of ethyl alcohol, 10 drops of two or three types of essential oils for the base note, 5 drops for the heart and head notes.
After mixing, put the recipe in the refrigerator for about 48 hours.
Remember to shake it regularly to homogenize the contents.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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