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Who hasn’t dreamed of having their own perfume made just for them?

Even if perfume professionals compete in ingenuity and inventiveness, we do not always find the scent that suits us.
If you want to have your custom perfume, did you know that you can contact certain perfumers who are experts in this field? But obviously, you will have to break the bank.
You can also put on your chemist's coat and compose your own perfume.
Want a perfume totally in your image? You can design your custom perfume yourself easily.
Imagine its scent

First of all, you will need to think about the scents you want to incorporate into your perfume.
Do you like sweet notes? Flowers? Amber? Wooded…?
A perfume is broken down into three notes which make up the olfactory pyramid.
The first scent that will present itself is the top note. This composition remains on the skin for a short time (one or two hours).
Perfumers mainly use citrus fruits (citrus fruits), fresh and vegetable essences.
The heart note is felt when the top notes have disappeared.
It forms the identity of the perfume and stays on the skin longer.
Floral, spicy and fruity scents are used.
Finally, the base note fixes the previous scents and remains in place for several hours or even several days.
It is these notes that form the trail of the perfume.
Experts then use woody, musky, amber or vanilla scents which combined will form the signature of the perfume. As you can see, to create your own perfume, you need to know what you like but also know a little about olfactory families and the necessary components.
Because in fact, it is not enough to snap your fingers for a custom perfume creation.
Raw materials play a major role and you have to choose them carefully.
Make your perfume like a pro (or almost)
Have you found the scents that suit you and are ready to take action?
Then it’s time to buy what you need.
A perfume is made up of three major groups.
First of all, you will need to purchase the different essential oils, perfume extracts and absolutes (plant concentrate).
These are the raw materials for perfumes. You should also not forget to acquire what makes up the perfume support.
This is the base of the perfume which will retain the scents and allow them to diffuse.
You can opt for an oily carrier, a perfume base or alcohol. Be careful, don’t use just any alcohol! If you have chosen several essential oils, the alcohol content must be high to be able to dissolve the different components.
The best is therefore to opt for a 90° alcohol which allows you to integrate as many essential oils as desired.
Forget denatured alcohols which have a camphorous odor which will obviously ruin your composition.
To easily create your perfume, buy undenatured 90° alcohol or a special alcohol for perfumery.
This contains a modified alcohol, demineralized water, a perfume fixative and denatured alcohol.
It is an ideal solution for composing your perfume very easily. You can finally add a fixative, a compound which has a high molecular weight and is therefore not very volatile.
It allows, as its name suggests, to fix the components and reinforce the tenacity of the perfume.

It combines with the base notes.
It's time to create your perfume.
If you are new to custom perfume creation, stay reasonable.

No need to buy hundreds of raw materials!
Perfumery, like cooking (and chemistry), requires being precise and reasonable.
No need to integrate dozens of raw materials.
The result will undoubtedly not be what you expect.
For each note, limit yourself to three perfume extracts maximum.
Then move on to the mixing stage.
You will need to compose the three basic accords (head, heart, base) in three bottles.
These agreements must then be associated but not just any way.
You will have to dose as accurately as possible.
Go one drop at a time for the perfect balance.
Once you have found it, you will need to integrate this mixture into your base. Then let it rest for at least 4 weeks.
Once this time has passed, you will need to put your elixir in the freezer overnight.
This will allow the poorly soluble (waxy) residues to be separated from the mixture.
Then filter your composition and pour it into its bottle. Your creation is ready to use.

Which alcohol to choose?
In addition to “smells”, alcohol is a crucial element.
Depending on the type of perfume you want to create (eau de toilette, eau de parfum, eau fraiche, etc.), the degree will be different. For an eau de Cologne, you will use 60° alcohol, for a perfume, 90° alcohol.
How to simplify the operation?
You are not keen on chemistry and would like to be able to design a perfume without wasting time?
Use a commercially available perfume-based alcohol.
You will only have to do one operation: mix the base with your perfume extracts.
Designing your personal perfume cannot be improvised.
But it's worth it! You will be alone in wearing this scent which will best display your personality.
Custom perfume creation: can take a lot of time or on the contrary be very easy with the right tools but it will nevertheless be necessary to master
the art of mixing to skillfully combine different scents.
And why not create your friends' perfumes!

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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