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Perfume has always been a fascinating product

First used as an offering, it was a kind of sacred nectar.
Remains found in the Middle East prove that ancient civilizations used it very frequently.
Today, perfume is intended for hygiene and is often considered to be a a real asset of seduction.
Also, among all the cosmetics present on the market, perfumery represents undoubtedly the most prestigious, almost artistic, wing of this sector.
Its growth began mainly in 1880 but experienced spectacular progression at the time of the interwar period.
Indeed, it is at this moment that modern methods of production and packaging made its use accessible to as many people as possible.
Nevertheless, perfume remains more than ever a luxury product in its own right.
Fragrances are most often derived from plant or animal materials.
Their creators are considered to be true artists.
They handle perfumery with unparalleled know-how and combine techniques ancestral to constant advances for ever more advanced results.
What's more, the perfume sector does not stop there. Indeed,
the bottling enhances the most beautiful essences and is also the result
of extraordinary creativity combined with true technical prowess.
It serves to glorify modern perfumes in the style of vintages.
Many consumers would even be ready to buy a perfume solely for its bottle. Real purchase triggers, perfume boxes compete today of ingenuity and emanate ideas of all kinds.
Finally, note that fragrances most often immerse us in an extraordinary universe.
The latter are often inspired by love stories, fairy tales, charged places of emotion…
Also, advertisements for perfumes also help to transport us into a another absolutely captivating world.
As you will have understood, perfumery is a particularly complex and creative field, combining multiple know-how.
Keevans therefore aims to transmit in-depth knowledge to you on this particularly captivating art.
If you have always dreamed of knowing everything, or almost everything, about perfume, then you are probably in the right place.
Olfactory families, manufacturing techniques, perfumers, history, advertisements, aromatic facets, major brands…
We intend to reveal to you everything we know about perfumery.
We offer you a complete immersion in this luxurious and refined universe.
You will also sometimes probably be surprised to know where certain of your favorite perfumes.
Likewise, we teach you more about the biggest noses around the world,
those who put their extraordinary sense of smell at the service of your beauty.
The biggest luxury brands will no longer have any secrets for you.
So, let yourself be guided, browse our site as you wish
and above all, let yourself be carried away by the undisputed magic of the world of perfumery.

Written by: Keevans
Category: Perfumes
Published: May 15, 2024
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